tiistai 16. toukokuuta 2017

4 - hour SHORTCUT to a fullfilled and passionate life.

4 - tunnin OIKOTIE täyttymykselliseen ja intohimoiseen elämään.
4 - hour SHORTCUT to a fullfilled and passionate life.
My great friend Lubica gives a workshop to help you clarify your passions and life a healthy happy life. She is full of positive energy so she really can do this.
More here. 

Here below her sunny message:

Hei ,

ok, I admid it. Enjoying a warm summer weekend at a summer house in the beautiful Finnish countryside is more tempting than attending a workshop.

Since many of you told us they will be out of town on Saturday, June 17, we moved the workshop to Thursday, June 15 instead.

Also the times have changed. The workshop will take place in the late afternoon starting from 17:00 to make sure it still fits into the calendar after work.
The workshop will be held in Helsinki and around 10 days before we'll send all participants more details on the location.

And to give you and your friends a chance to still join, we reopened our Friends Offer for a few days. Until May 29th you can recommend your friends our June workshop for a 40% discount (78€ instead of normally 130€). Ask them to book their seat on this booking page and to mention your name:


If your friends books a seat, you get a free voucher to join one of our next workshops yourself.

I'd love to see you in one of our next workshops to reevaluate your goals and passions and meet your friends in June!
With passionate regards,
Lubica .-)

P.S. And let's hope that beautiful Finnish summer starts soon :)

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